KAYMACOR operates in the field of the advanced technologies for energy recovery and conversion. We have developed morgana (Micro Orc GENerator) that is a cost effective, robust and environmentally sustainable micro-cogeneration system adapt to recover small-scale wasted heat from several sources like biomass boilers, internal combustion engines and small industrial ovens. It can also be fed by solar thermal and geothermal sources. It implements a small ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) system provided with a battery storage.


Giuseppe Toniato - KAYMACOR

Ing. Giuseppe Toniato

Gabriella Piccione - KAYMACOR

Dott. Gabriella Piccione

Human Resources Manager
Marco Floris - KAYMACOR

Dott. Marco Floris

Senior Partner


Company CEO, ing Giuseppe Toniato holds more than 20 years of experience in managerial roles of multinational companies like Pirelli S.p.A., Magneti Marelli S.p.A. and Riello Group. His relevant positions managed were: Business Innovation Manager and R&D Burner Division Director in Riello Group, Project Leader and Sensors and Actuators Manager in Magneti Marelli, Technologist in Pirelli. This provided him with a significant experience in managing R&D groups and Innovation projects. He is also expert in design, materials, production processes, quality control test methods and product homologation related to the following product categories: sensors and actuators, burners, boilers, microcogeneratos and electronics, He is the author of 10 international registered patents and several publications in his filed. He was Project leader for relevant national research Projects (Piace and Scoop Projects) and Riello company reference for the European project Alone.

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