ICE heat recovery

Integration of Organic Rankine Cycles with others heat engines (internal combustion engines & fuel cells)

Morgana is implemented to increase energy conversion efficiency with others heat engines. One application is with biogas engines where the temperature at the chimney is recovered by Morgana to increase electricity production. Also, ORC technology avoids electrical production when biogas engine is switched off. On ships, the possibility to use water sea as condenser let Morgana application very attractive. Combining Morgana with medium temperature fuel cells (180°C) it is possible to create a heat engine whose electrical conversion system can be higher that 50% also for low power application.

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Plant scheme

Thermal recovery in a truck engine can be done at EGR (exhaust gas recirculation), CAC (charge air cooler) and at EC (exhaust gas cooler). Utilization of the radiator to condense ORC fluid requires specific design solutions for the ORC cycle. In case of marine engines, however, the sea water can be used in the condenser, making the ORC cycle very similar to stationary applications.