Biomass-fired Organic Rankine Cycle combined heat and power system

Integrating Morgana with a specifically designed boiler KAYMACOR has created ORChidea: a cogenerator that produces heat and electricity starting from the pellet, wood stock or thermal solar. ORChidea reaches the highest performances of cogeneration systems employing only renewable sources. KAYMACOR has developed four size-coloured models. Most frequent applications are in farms, agritourism and hotels.

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Compared to others micro-cogeneration ORChidea is the most appropriate. Compared to Stirling Engines it can recover heat from sources at lower temperatures so getting a better exploiting of solar energy source. After this it can perform with similar efficiency (equal temperature thermal source) but it is less noisy and chipper. Respect to Internal Combustion Engine, ORC can employ an external combustion source being fed by biomass in parallel to solar source without complex gasifier. Compared to Fuel cells application, even if ORC performs with lower electrical efficiency, it is more competitive in terms of costs and reliability.