Industrial heat recovery

Organic Rankine Cycle systems for Process waste heat recovery to produce electricity

Several Industrial Processes deliver heat at the chimney at temperatures higher than 200°C. Morgana utilizes such heat, otherwise dissipated, to produce electricity. In several applications pay-back time can be very short, under two years. Examples are medium and small factories from agri-food sector, or painting ovens, heat treatments ovens, bakeries, and so on.

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Industrial Oven Type:

  • Foundry Oven Capacity: 300 kg
  • Max Power: 2000 kg/h
  • Max temperature: 760°C
  • Fuel: natural gas
  • Burners power: 1650 kW
  • Application: Morgana 8 kW
  • Investment costs: 85.000€
  • Payback Time: < 3 year
  • VAN: 290.000€ (20 years)