NZE Building

Micro-Organic Rankine Cycle systems for domestic cogeneration: Nearly Zero energy Buildings

Nearly Zero Energy Buildings require the efficient employing and storage of renewable sources. The possibility to use heat from biomass or thermal storage to produce electricity for electrical loads makes ORC technology performing at best in these contests. In particular ORChidea, that means the integration of Morgana with a biomass boiler, is one of the more interesting and innovative solutions for NZEB buildings. In case roofs’ capturing surfaces are not enough for NZEB buildings, façade panels can be implemented. To be used in combination with Morgana, KAYMACOR has developed innovative façade panels whose colours can be adapted to the buildings. These panels are called Giotto.

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Plant scheme

This scheme shows how integrate different technologies to fulfill NZEB requirements. A heat pump is used in conjunction with ORChidea. Heat pump electrical loads are fulfilled by photovoltaic panels and from ORChidea fueled by biomass in case sun is not shining. During summer period cooling loads can fulfilled by Heat pump using electricity produced by photovoltaic panels or ORChidea fueled by thermal solar.