Portable systems

Ovens and vapor or heat generators working disconnected from the grid

Morgana can be integrated with ovens, vapour or heat generators to be employed in remote areas where electricity is not available. Recovering heat from the chimney to the ORC evaporator, it is possible to make ovens, vapour or heat generators to work without the need of any electrical connection. Start-up procedure is obtained with battery storage. KAYMACOR can design proper Morgana integration with ovens or vapour or heat generators depending on customer specification. Stand-alone systems in a container can be provided with fuel storage to be operated in insulated areas without electrical and piping connections.

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Air Heater Generator

A transportable air heater generator powered by an electric generator moved by an internal combustion engine was integrated with an Morgana' ORC module. This allowed to eliminate the internal combustion engine with obvious advantages in terms of overall system efficiency (reduced fuel consumption), noise reduction and overall dimensions.