Solar thermal powered Organic Rankine Cycle

"Morgana can be integrated with solar thermal collectors to produce electricity and heat. The system made by ORC+thermal solar fields has specific features, as it can:
a) implement a heat storage
b) cogenerate thermal and electrical energy together
c) be supplied in parallel by other renewable sources like biomass (hybrid plants).
Depending on locations and type of applications KAYMACOR has developed Cassini, a PTC advanced thermal solar collector."

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Hybrid plant composed by:

  • KC-Morgana 16
  • Solar fields of 400 m2 of Cassini Panels
  • Biomass boilers of 70 kWth
  • Electricity costs: 0,15 c€/kWh
  • Heat costs: 0,04 c€/kWh
  • Biomass costs: 0,12 €/kg
  • Location: South Italy
  • Initial costs: 150.000€
  • Payback Time: < 3 years (with incentives)
  • VAN: 480.000€ (25 years)