ORC integration forbiomass application


ORChidea: cogenerative biomass boiler

ORChidea is a biomass cogenerative boiler designed for the simultaneous production of heat and electricity or just heat. It has been designed for pellet and wood chips. Emission controls are based on the most advanced lambda sensor controls derived from the automotive field. It could be equipped with automatic charge of fuel and system for removing ash. Product developed thanks to the funding of the Veneto Region, Bando POR CRO, part of the FERS 2014-2020 application 10005521 and thanks to Veneto region project BioCOR ID 100064025


Thermal input 45 kW
Thermal output at 50 37
Net electrical output 4kW
Eta orc 10%
Eta chp 90%
Energy label A+
Class 3 (EN303-5)

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